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About the Tutors

Marisa Martin is the main tutor and principal. [Marisa Martin, tutor and Principal]Marisa was born in Madrid and moved to London in her early teens. Her initial studies were in Fine Art - first at Wimbledon Art School, later at the Royal College of Art. In 1968 she graduated from the painting department of the Royal College of Art with an MA degree. She then went on to train to Qualified Teacher Status and to teach art at various London schools, whilst continuing to exhibit her paintings.

While exhibiting some of her paintings at a gallery in Liverpool, Marisa came across a small shop full of beautiful old fabrics. She spent all the money she'd gained from the exhibition on buying up the fabrics! From these she made a few dresses, and they sold so successfully that Marisa decided for the time being to develop her designing in preference to her painting.

In 1970 she opened her first shop on the Brompton Road, in Knightsbridge, London. Then in 1976 she joined the London Designer Collections and added a most successful wholesale range to her business.[In Vogue: after Manet. Fashion imitates Art - an impression of an impressionist] Eventually she was designing and producing dresses for boutiques in thirty-six countries, and had her own boutique in the Harrods Designer Room. Her clients at the time included such luminaries as HRH Princess Margaret and HRH the Duchess of Kent, models such as Twiggy, and many artists from the music world, including Rod Stewart, ABBA, and Queen.

In 1986 Marisa decided to take early retirement from her fashion business and, having married that year, chose with her husband to live in Spain, feeling this to be a more promising (and warmer!) environment in which to recommence her painting studies. In 1988 she moved to the island of Menorca. By 2002, however, the character of the island had changed tremendously and Marisa decided to try and find some 'real' Spain. After another circumnaviagation of Spain, Leon  was selected as the most idyllic part of Spain for her plans, due to its combination of natural beauty, moderate climate, tranquillity and easy access from the rest of Europe.

Marisa now lives in a country house in a small village, where she has her studio.

Marisa works by preference in acrylics, but can paint and draw in all media. You can see some of Marisa's work on the gallery pages.

Other tutors

We have been fortunate to secure the services of various other tutors, who will be assisting Marisa during the busier times of year. We also from time to time offer specialist courses in particular areas of art. For these we call on the services of various specialist tutors. Details of the tutors will be given with the course information, as we make this available.

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